Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Originally, the term "emerald cut" referred specifically to cutting emerald gemstones. Eventually, though, diamond cutters began to notice the stunning shape and replicate it. With a step-cut, emerald-shaped diamond, you have an engagement ring that offers a beautiful alternative to the classic round-cut stone.

Emerald-cut stones highlight the natural clarity of the stone, providing a distinctive look to jewelry. The facets of emerald diamonds are rectilinear, meaning they are comprised of straight lines. The long, narrow facets foster a prismatic reflection, which offers the stone a staircase or house of mirrors illusion.

When you choose this shape for an engagement ring, it’s important to focus on the quality of the stone. This is because the cut does not help to conceal imperfections in the stone. Luckily, Sethi’s Fine Jewelry has a vast selection of loose diamonds.

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Emerald Cut Diamond Rings FAQ

What’s the difference between an emerald cut and an Asscher cut?

These two rings feature similar facet and pavilion designs. However, the Asscher-cut diamonds are square in shape while emerald-cut diamonds have more of a rectangular shape. In some circles, the Asscher cut is referred to as a "square emerald cut."

Why is clarity important for this cut?

Due to the geometric, open-table cut of this design, it’s best to choose a stone with a high clarity grade.

Are all emerald-shaped diamond rings the same?

Not quite, different stones of the same carat can vary in dimensions. With this in mind, it’s crucial to consider the ratio of the stone to see whether it appears longer and more slender or shorter and wider in the setting.

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Princess-cut engagement rings are one of the most popular choices among the fancy shape diamonds. Cut to maximize the sparkle, they maintain a chic sophistication with the square shape. Whether you opt for an understated solitaire ring or a brilliant three-stone setting, a princess diamond brings modern allure to modern and vintage styles alike.

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