Gemstone Jewelry

Express Yourself With Eye-Catching Color

Sethi’s offers a truly stunning selection of fine jewelry featuring colorful precious gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more. Our experts will make you sparkle with our in-stock or custom-designed jewelry accessories.

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Popular & Precious

Dazzling Colors for Any Occasion

From our inventory of the world’s top brands, we’ll help you find the fine jewelry pieces to complement your desired style and color schemes. If you’re seeking subtle everyday elegance OR bold glamor for the next gala, we’ve got rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces you’ll surely love. Let us show you why Sethi’s clients return to our showroom regularly to update their collections.

Bring Color to Your Cocktail Hour

Be bright and bold as you step into your next occasion with a colorful piece that adds new life to your look.

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Sethi’s Experts See Your True Colors

During in-depth personal consultations, Sethi’s experts will ask you thoughtful questions and take note of certain features to offer helpful fine jewelry recommendations. With well-trained eyes for detail, deep gemstone knowledge, and a passion for client satisfaction, we’ll find the precious gemstone that suits you perfectly. That ideal gemstone “fit” could be based on a birthstone, a special dress for an upcoming function, or simply a color that makes you shine more brightly than others. Regardless, our expertise will provide confidence in your selection.


The cool blue hue of sapphire jewelry has ties to trust, purity, and loyalty. Sapphires are among the most popular gemstones, and it’s easy to why. The alluring blue color beautifully accentuates a diamond or stands out on its own. Sapphire jewelry is durable and perfect for any occasion, from your next gala appearance to the “something blue” of your wedding day.


The radiant red of our Burmese rubies brings a daring, striking flair to any piece. With their vibrant, deep red hue, rubies instantly associate with passion, love, and desire. They make an ideal gift for the love of your life or the perfect accessory to capture the full attention of any room.

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Popular within high society throughout history, you can feel like royalty in stunning emerald jewelry. Whether you just love the rich green color or want to make a glamor statement, emeralds will hit the mark. Placed alongside diamonds, our Columbian emeralds can serve as a spectacular addition to wedding and engagement rings.


A luxury from the sea, pearls have more subtle, timeless appeal. They are the perfect accessory for any occasion, including daily attire or formal events. Often passed down through family generations, pearl jewelry is an ideal gift for women of all ages because everyone loves the lustrous, rainbow-like play of color when the light strikes it just right.

Hear From Sethi’s Clients

“A ring that makes a girl’s heart sing”

“This store is so much more than just a great jeweler. I had the best experience there! The entire staff is filled with experts in jewelry design and in customizing a ring that makes a girl's heart sing. The ring dances and sparkles with a life of its own. Sethi’s Fine Jewelry is the only place to go, and they are my jewelers for life!”

– Enid, Houston

The Sethi’s Experience

The Sethi’s team loves the in-person interaction involved with helping clients find the perfect engagement ring. We pride ourselves on fostering a warm, welcoming showroom environment where we educate consumers without sales pressure or gimmicks. As a result, our clients feel far more secure about their purchases compared to online shoppers.

First-Class Service

Fine Jewelry Expertise

Custom Designs

First-Class Selection & Service from a Houston Family Business

The Sethi family business has served Houston from the same location at 2221 S. Voss Road, between Westheimer and San Felipe, for over 25 years. Unlike many chain stores and even some independent jewelers, we build lasting relationships with our clients and earn their trust. Our clients enjoy seeing the same smiling faces each time they visit the Sethi’s showroom.

We pride ourselves on treating each client like family, with unmatched personal service. As a result, Sethi’s clients remain incredibly loyal and allow us to serve all of their fine jewelry needs.