With a forever bracelet, Houston has a chance to show off the bonds of their friendship. These bracelets are a delicate, simple way to show someone you care. While friendship bracelets cut in half are easy to lose, these bracelets are forever.

At Sethi’s Fine Jewelry, the 585 forever bracelet bar is a quick, easy experience. Oftentimes, these sessions take no more than 15 minutes. However, we recommend about 30 minutes so you give yourself enough time to choose your bracelet.

When you come in to get zapped, you simply sit down with our jewelers, who laser-welds the chain around your wrist. The process is completely painless and lightning-fast.

Once we weld the bracelet, it is permanent and ready for a lifetime of friendship. The gold we use for our bracelets is durable enough to last a lifetime. Still, they are easy to remove with a quick snip in the event you have to take it off.

Appointments are available Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00am - 5:00pm

Each appointment can take 15-30minutes per customer, including chain selection, prep, and weld.

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For additional information, please contact us at the585.info@gmail.com

Styles + Prices

Sethi's Forever Bracelets Pricing Guide
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Special Notes

  • An appointment accommodates one person. Book a separate appointment for each person in your group.
  • Walk-ins are welcome but may require a wait.
  • The appointment is quick so take the time you need to select your bracelet.
  • Cash, credit cards, and tap-to-pay accepted.
  • The minimum age is 10. Anyone under 14 needs to be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you have had an allergic reaction to gold, let our jewelers know.
  • All sales are final.

Forever Bracelet FAQ

What is a forever bracelet?

This bracelet is a fun, in-store experience. When you come in, we custom fit a dainty chain around your wrist. Then, we weld the ends together.

Because we do this, the bracelet is clasp-free! That means it permanently stays on until you decide to remove it.

Can I remove the bracelet on my own if I want to?

Yes, when you decide to remove the bracelet, you can do so at home with a basic pair of scissors.

How long does the bracelet last?

This depends on your lifestyle. You can keep it on for years as long as you feel like it. In the event that it snags or breaks, bring it in for a quick repair!

Can I go into the shower or pool with my bracelet?

Yes, these bracelets are okay to submerge in water. They also do fine in contact with sunscreen, lotions, etc without tarnishing.

Can I take the bracelet through airport security?

Yes, the TSA does not ask you to remove fine jewelry when you go through security. People with our permanent bracelets have been through airports with no problem.