What Is a Lab-Grown Diamond?

When it comes to lab-created diamonds, the main question people ask is “Are they real, high-quality diamonds?

Put simply, the answer is yes! Also known as lab-grown or man-made, these diamonds only differ in their origin. A lab-made diamond is “grown” at a lab with technology that replicates the natural growth process. Moreover, it results in a diamond that is visually and physically the same as one grown beneath the Earth’s surface.

The most important thing to understand? These diamonds are not fake, not cubic zirconias. While some people call them “synthetic diamonds,” that is not technically correct. When you compare it with a simulation, it’s clear which one is the real deal.

The Benefits of Man-Made Diamonds

Competitive Prices

No diamond is free, but tighter supply chains mean that lab-grown diamonds in Houston, TX, are often 20-30% less expensive than a natural diamond.

Eco Friendly

Diamond mining disturbs a great deal of land and creates thousands of pounds of waste.

Ethically Sourced

Lab-grown diamonds result in less exploitation of workers and result in zero injuries while mining is notorious for injuring workers.

How Are Lab-Created Diamonds Made?

To carry lab-grown diamonds Houston trusts, we source them from certified suppliers. These diamonds originate from the carbon seeds of natural diamonds. Through either a special deposition process or extreme pressure and heat, they use advanced technology to mimic the natural formation of a diamond.

Lab-made fancy colored diamonds are created when there are trace elements present during the growth phase, just as it occurs in nature. In both white and fancy-colored lab-grown stones, the exact composition of the trace elements may differ. However, the only way to differentiate between a lab-grown and natural diamond is to use specialized equipment to detect the differences.

Lab-Grown Diamond Ring Settings

Lab-grown diamonds result in less exploitation of workers and result in zero injuries while mining is notorious for injuring workers.

FAQ: Lab-Grown Diamonds Houston

What are the benefits of man-made diamonds?

Any diamond crafted in a lab is as real as one from a mine. Generally speaking, they have the same physical and chemical properties. However, they do not carry the questionable practices and conflicts associated with diamond mining.

Oftentimes, lab-created diamonds have a better quality because they grow in a controlled, monitored process. Here are some of the main advantages of lab-made diamonds.

  • Fewer defects
  • More affordable and accessible
  • Eco friendly
  • Ability to create colors rarely found in nature
  • Trackable origin sources
  • Higher purity and brighter quality

Additionally, the process used to grow diamonds in a lab is more sustainable. This makes it easier to meet demand without engaging in conflict or harmful processes.

Are man-made diamonds flawless?

There's no such thing as a perfect diamond.

As with natural diamonds, the lab-grown diamonds Houston couples love vary in cut, clarity, and color as well as shape and size. Each stone is unique due to the way they grow. Additionally, lab-made diamonds may have minor surface or internal inclusions, just as high-quality natural diamonds might.

Independent gemological labs that certify natural diamonds evaluate and grade lab diamonds according to the same strict standards.

Do lab diamonds get cloudy?

Because they are essentially the same as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have the same level of durability and do not get cloudy over time.

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